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Serial Killers . . . Mass Murderers . . . Spray Killings . . .

The worst murders and murders from our planet's evil history.

Name of Killer : Richard Trenton Chase



Category: Serial Killing

Location: Sacramento, California United States

Date: 1977 - 1978

Crime: Chase has been called the 'Vampire of Sacramento' after being convicted of six murders in Sacramento, California. The nickname was given to him because after killing the women, he would brutally rape their bodies and drink their blood. In some cases, he even removed their organs and brought them home to eat.

Biography: Richard Trenton Chase was born on May 23, 1950 in Santa Clara, California. He claims that he was a victim of abuse at the hands of his mother. When he was 10 years old, Chase was bedwetting, a pyromaniac and a frequent abuser of animals. In his early teens he was already abusing drugs and alcohol. As he reached early adulthood, Chase began exhibiting even more bizarre behavior as it related to his personal health. He developed hypochondria, and would complain about things such as: his heart stopping or that his cranial bones were shifting around in his skull. He went as far as to shave his head so he could watch them moving around. After leaving home, he rented an apartment where he began to capture animals and bring them home to eat raw. He would remove their organs and put them in a blender with Coca-Cola and drink them as a smoothie of sorts. In 1975, he was institutionalized after injecting rabbit's blood into his veins and contracting blood poisoning. While in the institution, he was caught using syringes to extract the blood from therapy dogs and drinking it. After undergoing intensive drug therapy, Chase was released in 1976, but his mother soon weaned him from the prescribed medications and moved him into his own apartment. Chase shot and killed his first victim on December 29, 1977 in drive by fashion. Then less than a month later, he claimed his first female victim. She was three months pregnant when Chase walked into her unlocked home and shot her three times. He then raped the corpse and bathed in her blood. Two days later, he bought two puppies, took them home and killed them, later drinking their blood. Finally, on January 27th, Chase entered the home of a woman, shot her friend in the chest, then proceeded to kill her, a six year old son and a 22 month old nephew. Chase then engaged in necrophilia with the woman's corpse and ate her organs raw. Chase fled the scene when a friend of the son rang the doorbell, taking the dead body of the 22 month old child with him. The police were called and inside the house, they found that Chase had left perfect fingerprint evidence and footprint evidence in the blood that was all over the house. Chase arrived at his apartment and proceeded to feast on the dead child's body, including eating the brain. Police raided the apartment ending one of the most bizarre cases ever recorded. While in prison, Chase granted a series of interviews in which he described his overwhelming fear of Nazi's and of UFO's, both of which he claimed had forced him to kill in order to keep himself alive. On December 26, 1980, Chase was found dead in his prison of an overdoes of prescribed medication that he had been hoarding for weeks.

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