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Serial Killers . . . Mass Murderers . . . Spray Killings . . .

The worst murders and murders from our planet's evil history.

Name of Killer : Aleksandr Pichushkin



Category: Serial Killing

Location: Moscow, Russia

Date: 1992 - 2006

Crime: 'The Chessboard Killer' was convicted of 48 of the 49 murders he was accused of, but asked the judge to add an additional 11victims to the death toll. He initially claimed he wanted to kill 64 people, the same number as the squares on a chessboard. Most of his victims were elderly men, whom he lured with vodka and after getting them drunk, bashed in their skulls with a hammer.

Biography: Born in 1974 and raised by his mother after the father abandoned the family. Pichushkin may also have been affected by an accident he suffered at the age of four in which he suffered a severe blow to the head. He has admitted to committing his first murder at the age of 18, when he pushed a rival out of a window to his death. Police suspected him of this crime, but never formally pressed charges and ruled the incident a suicide. Pichushkin laid low until 2001 and from that point on continually escalated the killings. He preyed on older gentlemen whom he befriended with the game of chess and vodka. Most of his crimes were committed in Bitsa Park, where he would crush his victims skulls with a hammer and dump them into a sewer drain. After his arrest in 2006, Pichushkin made the chilling comment that to him, 'A day without killing was like a day without food would be for you'.

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