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College Humor - Student Jokes

Our fabulous collection of interesting college jokes that may help distract you from that awful assignment you need to get in tomorrow!!!!

Category: College Humor Jokes about: funny quotes about college etc etc


Joke of the Day

A man dies and goes to heaven. Saint Peter asks him what religion he belongs to. The man tells him and Saint Peter says 'oh, we have a lot of your kind here. In fact, we have a special room for all of you so you can all be together!'He leads the man down a long hallway with doors on either side. They pass one door and they hear a bunch of yelling and hollering inside. 'Who's in that room?' the man asks. 'Oh, those are the holy rollers, ' says Saint Peter. 'They make a lot of noise but they're pretty harmless'. They pass by another door which is nearly shaking off its hinges. 'Who's in there?' the man asks. 'That's the room for the Shakers' replies Saint Peter. Then they approach another door. Saint Peter whispers to the man, 'we must be very quiet going past this door. Don't make a sound. 'They tiptoe past the door and when they get farther down the hallway the man asks Saint Peter who was in that room. 'Oh, those are the Catholics. They think they're the only ones up here!'

= = = = = = = = = =

Idiot and fool Joke

Did you hear about the idiot who filled out an employment application? In the blank labeled 'Church Preference' he filled in: Red brick.

= = = = = = = = = =

Yo momma Joke

Yo'moma so fat she jumped off the Grand Canon and got stuck

= = = = = = = = = =

Old age Joke

A little Italian grandfather comes up to Customs. The Customs official says, 'Have you got anything to declare?' He thinks a second and he says, 'It's a nice-a day!'

= = = = = = = = = =

Knock Knock Joke - 3

Knock Knock Who's there ! Carrie ! Carrie who ? Carrie a torch !

= = = = = = = = = =

Lawyer Joke

The New York Times, among other papers, recently published a new Hubble Space Telescope photograph of distant galaxies colliding. Of course, astronomers have had pictures of colliding galaxies for quite some time now, but with the vastly improved resolution provided by the Hubble, you can actually see the lawyers rushing to the scene.

= = = = = = = = = =

Romance Joke

What's the difference between a nine-month pregnantwoman and a Playboy centerfold?Nothing, if the pregnant woman's husband knows what's good for him.

= = = = = = = = = =

Women Joke

A woman and her friend are sitting together having lunch after one of the women's husband's funeral service. The friend asks the woman if her husband had any life insurance, and the widow answered her. 'Well, he had $'10

= = = = = = = = = =

Bar Joke , beer, booze and fun!

Sign seen in a bar: 'Those drinking to forget please pay in advance. '

= = = = = = = = = =

At Work Joke

So my sister, a natural blond graduating from the University of North Carolina Law School, is job hunting. I suggested that since Microsoft is building up their legal team, she should send them a resume and become a southern blond Microsoft lawyer -- and be the butt of any joke on the internet.

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