• Mange In Dogs – What’s The Solution

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    February 15, 2021 /  Dogs and Cats

    Dogs are prone to many different skin problems, including dog mange.

    This type of skin problem is considered a serious disease and mange can be the one of the worst skin diseases that
    can attack your dog.


    Mange in Dogs usually starts with excessive itching.

    Although it is normal for dogs to scratch and lick themselves, any excessive scratching and licking is an alarming signal. You will know that your dog may have mange with the following symptoms:

    * Your dog scratches so heavily that red sores start to appear

    * Together with these red sores, your dog loses some hair

    * Your dog’s skin becomes dry, crusty, and wrinkled

    * Your dog emits a foul smell

    * In severe cases of mange, skin blisters and reddening are accompanied by open wounds and blood


    The cause of mange in dogs is traceable to the mites burrowed in your dog’s hair.

    These mites are too tiny to be seen and are often invisible to the eyes. The female mites are responsible for their rapid multiplication by biting your dog’s skin.

    These bites cause your dog severe itching, making them continuously scratch the affected area. The rapid multiplication of the mites opens the risks to the mange skin disease.

    Unhealthy environment and poor hygiene and grooming contribute to the spread of mange. Another cause can be the deterioration of your dog’s immune system.


    Mange in dogs is a serious skin disease that is best handled by your dog’s veterinarian.

    In the event you can’t bring your dog to his veterinarian right away, the safest treatment you can give your dog is applying natural remedies.

    Most of these natural remedies can be found right in your kitchen. Cooking oil is a good solution to relieve itchiness, as it has the ability to kill the mites pestering your dog.

    A good alternative to cooking oil is cleansing the afflicted area with dog soap and lukewarm water. You should also increase the frequency of bathing of your dog when mange strikes. An oatmeal bath can disinfect your dog.

    As for a weak immune system… encourage your dog to eat finely chopped raw green vegetables. This will also be most likely recommended by his veterinarian as a solution to mange.

    You can prevent the occurrence of mange in dogs by ensuring that your dog lives in a healthy environment, and by giving Fido the right nutrients to strengthen his immune system.

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